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About the Founder:

Robert W. Grace VII – Principal / Owner

Mr. Grace has a diverse background as an operations professional with over 25 years experience in the materials handling, management consulting and beverage industries.

He has held positions as a senior level Corporate Operations Development Manager, Corporate Director of Systems Sales and Sr. Consultant with globally recognized materials handling , management consulting and beverage, companies.


His vast experience includes developing and implementing cost effective solutions in the areas of warehouse operations development, inventory management, warehouse management systems, distribution and direct store delivery systems, facility planning, logistics, transportation and supply chain management for a wide variety of clients and industries.


A Few Words About Our Company

It’s all about delivering real and lasting value to our clients. Operations Development helps companies reduce costs and improve customer service within their warehouse and distribution operations. We do this by developing ideas and opportunities using proven methods and technology developed for your industry.

We emphasize innovation by design in our solutions. In many cases, our client's say they need to transition from "operations of slippage" to "operations of accountability". Or to put it another way average organizations evolve into operations that excel at responsiveness, accuracy and repeatability with near perfect performances.


Hi, I'm Bob Grace, founder of Operations Development, LLC.

Yes, the global economy is changing the dynamics of your business and the organization’s operations. Doing things the way they have always been done in the past is not an option any more for progressive organizations approaching the future.

Organizations holding on to traditional rules and practices are falling victim to ever shrinking profit margins.

We have an approach that’s proven to work!

An effective operations plan that includes a materials handling strategy tailored to your warehousing and distribution processes remains the last frontier for improved productivity and cost reduction. Fortunately, many new methods are being developed specifically for your operations.

  • By applying these methods, we can create a successful configuration for your warehouse and delivery operations.
  • You will be more productive with fewer mistakes while reducing costs and improving service to your customers.

Can you imagine your operations team communicating clearly and meeting all your expectations?

Despite all the common challenges, today's premiere organizations and managers are achieving extraordinary results by re-thinking their traditional processes and rules. There has never been a more beneficial time for taking your operations to a new level of success.

Tomorrow's organization is not just about changing, or changing faster. It is about using innovation to re-invent the organization’s operational strategy.

We can help you plan and develop an effective materials handling strategy.